New L’Occitane en Provence Buys

Sorry for the long break guys, I haven’t been posting for a couple of weeks because I was on a trip! But now I’m back with another exciting review! This time I’ll be writing about my newest L’Occitane buys.


All of the items that I’ve got were from the Peony range. Honestly, it’s the best smelling range they have, I’m obsessed!

I got a small kit which includes a mist, a mini face cream and a small bag as well. In addition I got quite lots of product samples to try.

Firstly, let’s talk about the mist. The description says that this product hydrates, refreshes and even fixes make-up. By the way, I have never tried a face mist before (really, ever!). Now I can say it does make a huge difference. First of all, it really does refresh your face, especially during the summer days. Talking about make-up, this mist makes it look much more natural. I have quite a dry skin sometimes and some foundations can look patchy. This mist fixes the problem really well! It makes the make-up set in better and adding a bit moisture helps it to stay. I have to mention the scent as well: it is amazing, definitely. I simply love peonies! Overall,  this product gets a huge yes from me!


The next item is the hydrating peony face cream. It’s supposed to hydrate and ‘beautify’ your skin. I cannot seem my skin being more beautiful after using this product. The only thing it does it hydrates and smells amazing. In my opinion, this is a simple hydrating cream, which will suit skin with no major skin problems. I personally prefer creams which also help with blemishes and redness. They simply do more work!


I thought I’ll also show you the items I continuously buy from L’Occitane. Again, from the peony range, it’s the shower gel and the body lotion. The scent is divine! I love the body lotion- it sinks into the skin really quickly, leaving no stickiness whatsoever. You have to try these products, believe me!


I also have some good news! You can get L’Occitane cosmetics with a great 15% discount from Simply use this link  and you’ll get a voucher which you’ll have to use during checkout!

I hoped you enjoyed reading my post!

Best wishes,



Lancome buys + free gift

I’m back with some new beauty items, this time from Lancome!

I really wanted to try the Juicy Shaker for a very long time because I’ve seen so many good reviews about it. However, it was a bit pricey (£18), so I really had to think about purchasing it. And then I saw an offer online, which said that when you spend £29 on Lancome products you get a makeup purse with some minis in it! I’m obsessed with mini products so I just couldn’t resist.

So I got the Juicy Shaker in Berry Tale and I also grabbed a Hypnose Doll mascara for my mum (and of course I had to try it myself too). I got the Roksanda bag for free which included the purse and the following mini products: mascara, lipstick, moisturizing cream and a primer.



Lancome Juicy Shaker


First of all, I love the packaging and the applicator. The design is so pretty and it’s so fun to shake it before using the product! (You have to shake the bottle to mix the pigment and the oils). The applicator is like a small sponge or cushion, which is very soft and makes the application super easy.

This product is not very pigmented, just gives a nice subtle color. I got it in Berry Tale, which is a bright pink/red color. P.S. it smells like berries too! All of the juicy shakers have a scent associated with the color name.


The Juicy Shaker is definitely hydrating as it says in description. This is due to sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil. If only it had SPF in it, I would use it constantly in summer instead of my lip balm. Now I have to use the shaker over it.

The formula is not sticky at all, which is a huge advantage. However, it doesn’t last long on the lips. I feel like my lips just absorb all of the product instantly.

Overall, it is a nice product and I feel very happy that I’ve tried it. However, it is really pricey and I cannot say it’s worth it. It just doesn’t last enough and I would love more pigmentation.

Hypnose Doll Mascara

Even though I didn’t buy this for myself I ended up using it for a few days. I have to say this is the most natural finish mascara I’ve ever tried!

It made my lashes much longer and added volume without making the lashes look fake and heavy. The brush separates all individual lashes perfectly!

In addition, the formula lasts for a very long time and I didn’t notice any changes throughout the day.

I think I might switch to this mascara after I’m finished with my Dior Iconic one.

P.S. it retails for £23.50 which is not too bad in my opinion, because the mascara is really great.

The minis

I haven’t tried the primer and cream yet, so I cannot say anything about these products. I did try the Hypnose Classic mascara, which I didn’t like, because it didn’t last as long as others that I’ve tried and the application wasn’t as smooth as the Hypnose Doll. The L’Absolu Rouge 06 lipstick just wasn’t my shade so I gave it to my mum. In addition, it didn’t last long either.


P.S. I think you can still find this free gift offer in boots.

I hope you enjoyed my review! What is your favorite Lancome product? Let me know in the comments!

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Liebster Award

Hi all,

So I have been nominated for the Liebster Award, which’s idea is basically to discover more new blogs! Big thanks to  Leigh and Larson Blog for nominating me! Now I will answer 11 questions that I was asked and I will also nominate 11 blogs and ask 11 questions myself!



1.What skincare product can you not live without?

I cannot live without a good moisturizer, because I have quite dehydrated skin.

2. What’s your go-to foundation?

Probably Touche Eclat Le Teint foundation by YSL

3. What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I love reading! Especially historical and mystery books.

4. Where is your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

I really can’t decide. It’s either Egypt or Rhodes (Greece). So magical!

5. Contouring or strobing?


6. Favorite restaurant to eat at?

Can’t decide on this either 😀 Probably any  Sushi Express restaurant in Lithuania or Manchurian restaurant in Glasgow.

7. Mexican or Italian food?

Definitely Italian!

8. Favorite part of 2016 so far?

Getting my first paycheck and spending it all online on makeup. I’m addicted. 😦

9. What’s your favorite highlighter?

Still on the look for the perfect one!

10. Favorite celebrity account to follow on Instagram?

I don’t really follow celebrities, to be honest. But I do follow a vlogger Chloe Morello, I just love her!

11. Why did you start blogging?

I am a beauty addict and 1) I wanted a reason for buying so many beauty items so I don’t feel that guilty; 2) I wanted to share my experiences; 3) My boyfriend and friends were really encouraging to do this.


Now I nominate the following blogs (check them out if you haven’t already!):


The rules are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you;
  2. Answer the given 11 questions (down below);
  3. Leave another 11 questions for 11 blogs that you will nominate yourself (all under 200 followers).

My questions to you:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Do you have pets?
  3. What’s your everyday makeup look?
  4. Favorite cosmetics brand?
  5. Favorite skincare product?
  6. Lipsticks or lip glosses?
  7. Favorite food?
  8. Favorite thing to do in winter?
  9. City or countryside?
  10. Best country/place you’ve ever been to?
  11. What 3 items are always in your bag?


Leave the comment down below when you answer the questions! I would love to check out your post!

Best wishes,


New L’Oreal Buys

Hi all!

A couple of days ago I popped into Superdrug because I had some free time and nothing to do. I left the store with 2 new beauty items from L’Oreal: Touche Magique Concealer and Infallible Mega Lip Gloss.


I loved the pretty packaging of both and there was also a good offer (buy 1 get one 1/2 price). These kind of offers are pretty often in Superdrug so keep an eye out for it!

La Touche Magique True Match Concealer

I got this illuminating concealer in shade Ivory Beige, which is fairly light and has yellow undertones. I love that it doesn’t oxidize as some concealers do, so it keeps the light shade and doesn’t become much darker/orange. You can see a swatch below:

I like the brush applicator as well, it’s very soft and I don’t need to use a separate brush or my fingers to apply it (only a sponge blender to blend it out). Bear in mind that this applicator requires cleaning, because you don’t want a build up of bacteria etc.

The texture is really light and smooth, perfect for under eye area. It might not cover the darkest circles though, but works with my a bit dark ones perfectly. It doesn’t really crease much, only get’s into the wrinkles a little bit by the end of the day. But you can’t really see it if you don’t stretch the skin a bit (I hope you understand what I mean). Just don’t forget to set it with powder!

It retails for £7.99 in Superdrug, which is not much for a good concealer, in my opinion.

I would rate this product 4/5. Will probably repurchase again.

Infallible Mega Lip Gloss

I got the gloss in shade 101 – Girl on top. It’s a pink/peachy shade ideal for summer. It is not intensely pigmented though, so it kind of looks like a clear gloss with just a hint of shade:


The texture is pretty light and smooth, but, unfortunately, it is a bit sticky. I wasn’t annoyed by sticky lip glosses until I tried a non-sticky one (by Benefit). This is not a huge problem, but I would prefer a gloss which doesn’t stick that much.

The gloss  costs £6.99. It is not expensive, but can’t say if it’s still worth it.

Overall, I would rate this gloss 3/5. It looks nice on the lips, but the formula is sticky and it doesn’t stay for a very long time. I doubt that I would buy it again.

At least the color goes perfectly with my new nails! (This was not intentional :D)



I hope you enjoyed my review! What are your favorite L’Oreal products? Let me know in the comments!

My Nighttime Routine

Hi everyone!

I decided to tell you what I use everyday before going to sleep. This nighttime routine is very short, but somehow helps me to relax before bed. I keep all of these products next to my bed and use them when I am already laying down. So lets begin!


First of all, I love to fall asleep when my sheets smell nice and relaxing. This is why I always use my L’Occitane relaxing pillow mist. It smells so fresh and has a nice lavander scent to it. After using it I feel like my bed is a small cozy spa salon!


In addition, I sometimes use my Victoria’s Secret mist. This one is more fruity and a bit more intense.

P.S. I know that it is not very healthy to use fragrances etc. every night but I can’t get out of this habit. It’s incredibly relaxing!

Currently I’m doing the oil pulling with coconut oil. I do it in my bed for 20 mins while I watch youtube videos etc. I have been doing this for a week now, I can see it did whiten my teeth a little bit, but I want to try it for a longer time so I can describe the results accurately.


Next what I do is use a foot cream. When I’m not tired I also give myself a very short foot massage to improve blood circulation.  The two you can find next to my bed is Kueshi and Cool Feet creams. The first I got from Birchbox and the second is from a very cheap shop, I can’t exactly remember, but probably Poundland! The price difference is huge since Kueshi one costs £12 and the other one is only £1. However, I find them to be completely the same! The scent, the light moisturizing effect…  They are both OK, but will look for something richer and more hydrating in the future.

Afterwards I use a lip balm. I currently have Nivea Pearly Shine on my bedside table. It’s hydrating and gives a very nice pinky shine (like it’s useful before falling asleep, but still :D).

Lastly, I use a hand cream. My absolute favorites are Lithuanian brand’s ‘Margarita’ hand creams. They smell amazing, are very cheap, quite rich, not sticky and moisturize my hands really well! I have one of these in my kitchen, in my bathroom, on my bedside table and sometimes in by bag. By the way, you can find these on ebay! here you can get one of the best scents they have (Oat milk & cranberry).

Then I put my adorable sleep mask on and try to fall asleep! I got it as a Christmas gift quite a long time ago but can’t imagine my night without it. Isn’t it lovely?



I hope you enjoyed reading my post! What’s your nighttime routine like? Let me know in the comments!

Best wishes,





May 2016 Birchbox

This was the first time ever that I’ve subscribed to a beauty box! I chose birchbox because it is quite cheap and it is one of the most popular and loved beauty boxes in the UK! I got 25% off my first box because I am a full-time student, so do use this offer if you are a student and want to start your subscription!

This months box design was really pretty, however, a bit messy- you had to completely scratch the top off! That was a small disadvantage for me because I just was too lazy to completely scratch it off.

The products I got are definitely worth the price of the box (£10 + 2.95 P&P). Here’s what I got in more details:


Full Size Spectrum Collections Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge (RRP £4.99)

This sponge is really nice and soft, also comes with a small convenient packet. I use the sharper end of it to apply my under eye concealer. Will definitely use it and repurchase in the future.

Full Size LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Empress Me (RRP £8)

This product is the best from the box for me. I have never used a shadow stick before, and now I can say, it is super convenient! The color is really pigmented, you can see it in the picture below. This shadow stays on really well with a primer, but wears off in a couple of hours if you don’t use anything beneath it. In addition, it doesn’t crease at all! Definitely my must. Will repurchase in other colors, since this one was a bit dark for me (but perfect when I use it as eyeliner, not as a shadow).



Beaver Professional Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner (RRP from £11.50)

The shampoo and conditioner worked pretty well together, however, I need something richer and more nutritive for my super dry curly hair. Would probably suit someone with normal or a little bit dry hair perfectly. It was a nice product to try, but wouldn’t repurchase. Especially because it has sulfates in it, which may dry out the hair in long term.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (RRP £23)

This sorbet smells so nice and is also lightweight. It is very nice for warmer weather because my skin is not that dry then, so the moisturizing effect of this cream is enough for me. It sinks into the skin quickly and isn’t sticky. In addition, I noticed that it helped with the redness on my face a bit. Will repurchase in Summer.

Kueshi Foot Care Cream (RRP £12)

Nice scent and consistency, absorbed well and quickly. However, not very intensely hydrating, so would not repurchase. I need something richer than this for my feet. In addition, you can definitely find products like this for a smaller price.

Givenchy Live Irresistible Fragrance (RRP £44)

The scent is soooooo sweet and intense, definitely not for me. But it stays on really well, which is a huge plus for a frangrance. Give it a go if you’re keen on super sweet fragrances.


Overall, I loved this box and it’s definitely worth the price! I’ll keep subscribing. I might even buy a 6month or years subscription, because then you get a discount. If you decide to order a Birchbox beauty box, use the link below, and you’ll get £5 to spent in their shop! They have Benefit, Caudalie and lots of other brands as well! Believe me, Birchbox is definitely worth trying.

Subscribe here and get £5!



Did you like this months Birchbox box? Let me know in the comments! I hoped you enjoyed my review.

Best wishes,






My Top Favorite Lipsticks

Hi all!

So today I decided to do my favorite lipsticks review with some swatches! I am definitely a lipstick person and you can find at least 2 or 3 in my bag every day. I just love that they last longer than glosses and the pigmented colors simply look amazing!


So here’s my top lipstick  list:

YSL Rouge Volupte

First of all, the golden design is just perfect. The tubes look so fancy and glamorous! To be honest, this was the reason why I first bought my YSL lipstick.

The consistency of these lipsticks is simply amazing. It’s so silky and feels like a rich lip balm! It doesn’t dry out my lips at all, I actually find it hydrating. In addition, the colors are so highly pigmented. The lipsticks stay on long enough too. Above you can see a swatch of my favorite shades for summer (unfortunately I can’t give you the color numbers because it’s scratched off). Below you can see how smooth and glossy it looks:


It is priced at £26, which is quite expensive, but definitely worth it. You can buy this YSL lipstick here. Also you can find it in Boots, Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser.



My 2 favorites are Matte lipstick in ‘Please Me’ (at the bottom) and Satin in ‘Rebel’ (top). Mac has soooo many shades to choose from, therefore, anyone can find just the perfect color for self!

These lipsticks stay longer than YSL, MUFE of NYX ones, you don’t have to reapply it often. The consistency is also very smooth of both of the lipsticks. However, the Matte one tends to dry out my lips a bit, so I use a balm beforehand. Here’s how the Matte lipstick in ‘Please Me’ looks on lips:


MAC lipstics are priced at £15.50. You can buy it here and you’ll also find it in House of Fraser and Debenhams.

NYX (Matte & Black Label)


I use the Matte lipstick in ‘Audrey’ and the Black Label one in ‘Sweet Prawn’ (on the top of my hand is the matte one). The matte lipstick, in my opinion, is just as good as MAC matte lipsticks. It lasts for a very long time, the texture is smooth. In addition, I don’t feel like it would dry out my lips. Moreover, is much cheaper than MAC!

The black label lipstick is much more shiny and glossy. The colors are highly pigmented, it hydrates my lips too. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t last very long. But still, one of my bests.

This is how Audrey looks on my lips:


The lipsticks are priced at £6.50, which is amazing for this kind of lipstick. You can buy NYX cosmetics at Boots online or in-store. I don’t see the black label lipstick anywhere though, but you can definitely get it on Amazon.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Lip Palette


I have this palette in combination 1 – Warm Pink. You can make up your own palette in-store from refills or pick the one they offer (out of 8). After you finish your colors you can simply buy a refill of the same color or another, which is amazing! A small brush and a mirror is also included in the palette, which is super convenient.

The formula is very smooth and a bit glossy. The colors are pigmented and the lipstick stays on pretty well. Here you can see shade 37- Satin bright pink on my lips:


The palette costs £31 in the UK. You can buy Makeupforever cosmetics at Debenhams.


So that’s the end of my post. I hope you enjoyed reading it! Post any comments you have below!

Best wishes,



Benefit Cheekathon Blush Kit Review


The Cheekathon blush kit and Dandelion lipgloss is my latest beauty purchase and I am extremely happy about doing a review on it! I am a big fan of Benefit brand but I was really doubting if I should get the blush kit, since I was not sure if I really need it. However, the bargain was pretty amazing and I also got some samples to try (the Porefessional primer and they’re real makeup remover) because I was buying two Benefit items.

The Cheekathon Blush Kit:



The bargain is really great, since the kit costs only £44.50 whereas one full-sized blush is priced at £23.50. In the kit you get the following full sized blush & bronzer products:

Dandelion 7g

Hoola 8g

Rockateur 5g

Dallas 9g

CORALista 8g

Here are the blush swatches. The first picture was taken in daylight, and I have applied only thin layers of products; the second picture was also taken in daylight, but here I have thicker layers of blushes; the last one was taken with flash, so you can see the sparkly features better.


The Dandelion blush is my absolute favorite, because I have very pale skin and it looks natural. I use it almost every day. The Hoola bronzer is definitely a must- you can use it for light contouring or just adding some glow. It doesn’t have any glitter or sparkles in it, which is amazing too, as I found that most bronzers don’t have the matte finish and leaves you shining like a disco ball. I will use the lovely Rockateur blush on night outs mostly, since I think it’s a bit too intense for daily makeup on pale skin as it has darker and more glittery finish. I haven’t used the Dallas brush yet, so I cannot really say much. It is a bit dark for me, so I believe I’ll mostly use it in summer or when I want a more dramatic look. The CORALista blush is also very natural looking and gives a nice, a bit shimmery and summery glow. By the way, it looks amazing on tanned skin!

The flat brush is also a great feature of the kit. I use it to apply the product (I use it with Hoola mostly) and then use another brush to blend it out (mostly my Real Techniques Sculpting Brush). Of course, you could use this flat brush only, but blending it out with a more rounded and fluffy one works better for me, since I don’t like any sharper lines. For me, this benefit brush isn’t a necessity, but a great and helpful addition.

Oh and the last feature is the mirror and you can take very weird selfies in it 😀  At least in this selfie you can see me wearing the Hoola bronzer and Dandelion blush. As you can see it gives a very nice glow and light sculpting:


You can get the kit from the official benefit site here and from House of Fraser. You can also find it in-store.

It is not sold in many online stores since it is a limited edition item. I really suggest you pick up yours quickly before it’s all gone!

Dandelion lipgloss


To be honest, I don’t know why I bought the lipgloss. I have soooo many of them even thought I’m more of a lipstick person. However, I was surprised that this lipgloss is pretty amazing- it’s not sticky at all! I used to hate that feeling when my lips would feel like they’re gluing together. The application is very smooth and easy too. This gloss also gives a very natural light pinkish colour, which is ideal for an everyday look. You can see my look with it at the end of the post. It stays on pretty well for a lipgloss too. On the other hand, this item is a bit pricey, it originally costs £14.50. I am not sure if I would buy it again, since it doesn’t do wonders and you could find a cheaper gloss like this. However, a very nice product to try.

The POREfessional primer & They’re Real Makeup remover

I only got samples for these products so I cannot do a very informative review on these. However, I have tried the primer before, but I feel like this product is not very good for my skin. My skin is very dry and needs something more moisturizing. In addition, I don’t have big pore problems.

The makeup remover has nice light creamy gel texture and doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. However, this kind of thing is pretty individual so I suggest you try a sample first. In addition, it cleans waterproof makeup well and gently! However, I wouldn’t buy the full-sized product, because I am a very lazy person sometimes and I try to use as less products for my evening skin care routine as I can so I use my skin cleanser to remove my makeup too.


I hope you enjoyed my review! Here you can see my simple everyday look using the reviewed Cheekathon Blush Kit (Hoola and Dandelion) and the Dandelion Lipgloss:


Feel free to post any comments you have below!

Best wishes,


Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream Review

Hey guys!

This is my very first post on the blog. I really hope you are going to like it! If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment below.

I decided to go with the popular Missha BB Cream review. I wanted to try this cream for a very long time, since Missha has products for very pale skin, which is my main problem (it is a Korean brand, by the way). It took me some time to decide whether I should start tanning or keep trying to find products for fair skin. And I am so glad I chose the latter! The BB cream has great reviews and the sellers promise that it will last for a long time, conceal any redness, moisturize and will also suit any skin types, even sensitive skin. Moreover, it contains wrinkle-preventing antioxidants to improve skin over time. In addition, the product is free from Parabens, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Triclosan and GMO. I went for shade no. 13, which is the palest one. There are 2 darker shades too (21 and 23). You can get the cream in two sizes- 20ml and 45ml. I picked the smaller one because I just wanted to try if it’s worth buying the full sized product. And now I can surely say it is!



I was a bit concerned that the cream will have pink undertones, which most BB creams have, but the shade is neutral and should suite all undertones. After trying most of the BB creams that I could find in the UK (and which, by the way, were all orange or pink) this Missha product is my must have. My skin is very dehydrated and I was scared that it might not moisturize enough and leave a ‘flaky’ finish, therefore, I used quite lots of moisturizer beforehand. And it turned out perfectly! The skin looked so fresh and dewy all day without caking at all. I doubt that it would stay perfect for 12 hours, as the seller suggests, but it definitely stays for a very long time. If you have more oily skin, I suggest you fix the cream with loose powder a bit. In the pictures below you can see how my skin looked with no makeup; with BB cream; with BB cream and a bit of bronzer & blush. I used a foundation brush for application, since I just cannot stand applying products with my fingers.


You can find all the ingredients listed in here: M Signature Real Complete BB Cream.

I am definitely going to repurchase this item, this time in the bigger packaging. I love that it has skin conditioning qualities, SPF and looks fairly natural. The color doesn’t oxidize and doesn’t wear off during the day. I think it’s a perfect option for everyday makeup. Because of the ingredients this product shouldn’t cause any breakouts too. In my opinion, the price for the product is fair and not too high (I got it for £6.33 with shipping, the bigger packaging would cost approximately £11-13). If you are not sure if this cream is for you, you can always order some samples to try!

I bought the cream from This seller also has an account on ebay rubyruby76. You can also find the Missha BB cream on amazon and on many other websites, such as strawberrynet and koreankosmetics.

I hope you enjoyed my review! Please post any comments you have below 🙂

Best wishes,